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We have acquired our first Transitional house for youth girls!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Our vision is becoming a reality. The opportunity to change lives for youth with intentional, strategic action. Faith in action.

"Having access to supportive services and programs, in addition to housing, is critical for helping youth find a long-term home and happiness."

We are honored to tell you that God has provided the opportunity for our passion to become a reality. For Takeisha, it’s a dream come true! This Fall we were able to acquire an 11- bedroom foreclosed home in Lake County that will be our first Transitional housing home for youth girls! We are so excited about this because there is currently no housing dedicated to only this population in the County. We have received community support from many people and organizations in the area due to this. The first home will accommodate up to 9 young girls and their children. Each family will have their own personal bedroom and we will supply them with needed food, clothing, advocacy and so much more to align with our mission of well-rounded support. We are building an awesome team of dedicated individuals to help with this effort and asking that you join us.

We have quite a bit of work to get the home renovated which includes new water lines, repairing the current heating system, repairing walls, flooring, fixtures, painting and so much more. We have a team of volunteers and even some donated materials, but we still need the help of others to come along side to make this happen. We have to cover many expenses to get the home completed and overhead in preparation for housing the young women.

As you can see below we have quite a bit of renovations to complete on the home. We are so grateful that we have volunteers that will help us with most of the cosmetic work but we are seeking more donated materials. This is a very large home so we need flooring, paint and fixtures

Reach out to us at if you have material donations or referrals.

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